Supercar Fundraising Events | Bread Charity

Bread was founded using supercar events to fund the charity. Nothing happens just from good intentions. Sweat and effort are required.

Bread Rally

Annual Charity supercar rally

The Bread Supercar Rally is our main fundraising event. A police escort of 30-40 supercars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and McLaren gather to raise money for Bread. Drivers pay an entrance fee to register their vehicles.

Why Supercars?

The Bread Supercar Rally, as our primary fundraising initiative, ingeniously leveraged the allure of luxury supercars to create a robust and recurring revenue stream. By inviting owners of prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren to participate in a grand rally escorted by police, we tapped into an exclusive market. Each driver's entrance fee, a mandatory contribution to register their high-end vehicles for the event, constituted a significant and predictable source of income. This approach not only ensured a steady flow of funds but also capitalized on the appeal of supercars to garner widespread attention and interest. The presence of these automotive marvels, synonymous with luxury and performance, naturally attracted public intrigue and media coverage, substantially boosting our exposure. Such visibility was instrumental in driving up participation rates and, by extension, our fundraising capability. With each rally, we not only celebrated the grandeur of these vehicles but also effectively forecasted and increased the monetary contributions crucial for our charity's endeavors. This strategy, blending exclusive automotive enthusiasm with philanthropy, proved to be a powerful tool in sustaining and growing our charitable efforts.

Bread Track Day

Annual Charity Supercar Track Day

Our Track Day is the second annual event we host. Supercars take to the track and go head to head against each other to raise money for Bread. Drivers pay an entrance fee to register their vehicle.