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Child poverty has many dimensions. How do we keep kids out of trouble? By innovating with police.

Start Date: Jan 2019


The premise of this collaboration is rooted in the belief that police officers are not just enforcers of the law, but integral members of the community, possessing the potential to act as mentors, role models, and catalysts for positive change.

  • Annual Police Christmas Presents: An initiative where police officers present Christmas gifts to children in the community.
  • Open Collaboration for Community Needs: This approach includes tailored initiatives like bringing kids to supercar events, mentoring programs, and regular school visits by police officers.

Police Work

Enhancing Community Well-being through Police Engagement and Mentorship.

1.0 Abstract:

Exploring the impactful role of police in community charity projects, this abstract delves into their mentorship and integration roles. It examines initiatives where officers contribute as community builders and mentors, notably in annual events, mentoring programs, and school outreach. These interactions are shown to enhance community trust and reshape perceptions of law enforcement, highlighting their value in fostering a cohesive, safe, and supportive community environment

2.0 Background:

The importance of police focus in community charity projects is rooted in their unique position as both law enforcers and community members. Historically, police have primarily been seen as authority figures responsible for maintaining order. However, modern community needs and the evolving nature of societal issues have highlighted the necessity for law enforcement to engage in more holistic, community-oriented roles. By participating actively in charity projects, police officers can break down barriers, foster trust, and build stronger relationships with community members. This shift is crucial for creating a more understanding, cooperative environment where the police are viewed as allies and mentors, not just enforcers. This approach helps in addressing community issues more effectively, ensuring a safer and more harmonious social fabric.

3.0 Methods of Giving:

In the context of the police charity project, the police officer functions as a third party, directly distributing gifts and resources to the community. This direct involvement magnified the effectiveness of the charitable acts, as the presence of officers handing out presents served to personalize the interaction and foster a stronger connection between the community and law enforcement. This hands-on approach from the police not only facilitated a more targeted and efficient distribution of resources but also helped to build trust and goodwill, reinforcing the police's role as an integral and positive force in the community

So through the introduction of this intermediate (the officer) we magnify the act of giving and increase the impact.

4.0 Annual Christmas Presents (since 2019):

The annual police Christmas present giveaway operates on the principle of direct engagement, where police officers personally hand out gifts to children in the community during the holiday season. This initiative not only spreads festive cheer but also serves as a powerful tool for building positive relationships between the police and the community. Officers, often in uniform, deliver presents, interact with families, and participate in community events, embodying the spirit of service and care. This approach ensures that the act of giving is more meaningful and impactful, enhancing the community's perception of the police.

4.10 Additional Support:

In an innovative twist during the 2022 run, we introduced a thought-provoking initiative by distributing printouts asking individuals, particularly the youth, "What is your dream?" accompanied by an invitation to share their aspirations with us via email. This approach was designed to make our gift-giving more personal and impactful. By understanding the specific dreams and interests of each recipient, we could tailor our gifts to support their unique goals, thereby enhancing the relevance and meaningfulness of each contribution. Moreover, involving police officers in this process added a significant dimension to the initiative. Their role in distributing these printouts and encouraging the youth to think about their future aspirations not only humanized the police force, making them more approachable and relatable but also strengthened community relations. This strategy transcended beyond mere distribution of items; it fostered a deeper connection between the community and law enforcement, breaking down barriers and building trust. This initiative thus represented a shift from need-based assistance to empowering support, encouraging the recipients to envision and work towards their future goals, with our support tailored to their individual pathways.

5.0 Events:

With the help of Auckland Police we brought along 3 kids to enjoy the day and meet supercar owners. They got to attend the event as VIPs and get a ride in a Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche GT3 and Ferrari F430. From the event they joined us for a lunch at the Royal Yacht Club in these supercars.

This is such a unique opportunity getting to drive with the owners in these incredible vehicles. It's all about breaking the cycle, showing these kids what's out there in the world and helping them realise that they can achieve what ever they want.

A big part of this is also creating positivity around Police in our community. Police officers are the ones that interact and assist youth who find themselves in difficult situations. Essentially mentoring kids in the community which aligns with our values. Thus reinforcing police as positive role models for youth goes a long way.