Our Mission | Bread Charity

We have power for change. We earn every dollar ourself and donate 100%. We all grow together.

Our Story:

Every child no matter where they come from should know how amazing they are. They can achieve anything they set their mind to. Our goal is to instill the confidence + knowledge within these children so that they use their potential in amazing ways.

Donating Christmas presents to children

Pain of loss:

Since the age of 22 (2017) Bread Founder, Mussie, has been on a mission to aid children living in poverty. Why? Growing up in a low-socioeconomic environment he saw many inequalities which exist in this world. Seeing his friends suffer due to poverty he decided to make a difference. Loss of a childhood friend added to the pain which drives his work.

Humble Beginnings:

After graduating from with Honours from Auckland University he took a job at KFC to fund his vision. "I'd rather start something with my own hands than wait for an old dude behind a desk to approve a grant and be dependant on this old thinking for money. I will raise the money and create lasting change. They somehow give out millions of dollars but we see the same issues. Something is broken."
KFC has no affiliation with Bread Charity.

Early Success:

Bread quickly grew to holding the largest supercar events in the country, using this to fund the organisation. The annual Bread rally and track day were born. The charity had no intention of running events. The first event was only 4 weeks after founding of the charity. "Money is so hard to raise for a charity. I had to be creative. I don't plan things I just do it."

Founder's note:

I founded Bread because of the inequalities I saw growing up in a low socioeconomic environment. Maybe if this existed, my friends would have had a fair chance at life. 2017 when I was 22, I had an idea to found a charity. No planning, nothing I just did it one day. I will change the world and not wait for it to fall from the sky. I was the lucky one to have caring parents who made me focus on education. I’ve always felt this is my responsibility and the true purpose of life is helping those who can’t help us. I made the logo and started it within a day (as a legally registered organization). I think planning is the enemy of action, I have a habit of not planning and just doing. After registering I was like, oh well .... guess we need money to make this work. So that same week had an idea of doing supercar events. Not just that but a police escort of 40 Ferraris, Lamborghinis etc down the main street. Something that had never been done before in history.

Why supercars? It allowed me to forecast donations which other charities can’t do. Also with $0 marketing thousands of people take photos of the police escorts and post it to social media. Nothing runs off good intentions alone. I structured it like a business but one that donates everything. At the time I was a fresh chemistry honours graduate, I worked at KFC to help with the finances as you can get a job easy and it's quick cash. I remember telling a lady who pulled up to the drive through in a Porsche Turbo I'm going to do a supercar rally and she laughed 0% chance she believed me. I grew up in a pretty low socio-economic, very tiny town. I didn't have any friends with supercars so used to go up to owners on the street and convince them. The council denied my application for the event 6 times. On the 7th they said yes.

I strongly believe that there is always a way, no is never an option. The police who did the first supercar escort asked on the day of the event, "who's in charge of the event?" to which informed them that I was. They laughed, then looked at me then realising I was actually the founder of the organization (I don't blame them I would have done the same). You have power to make change. Do it. Change doesn't happen by itself. I've always donated 100%, I don't take money for