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Behind The Scenes LA

Supported by The Home Depot Foundation

Thanks to the amazing support from The Home Depot Foundation we were able to create an amazing space for these children.

Design Phase:


Starting with a 1,000 sq. ft classroom to build a Bread Studio.

3D Render:

A render was created of the room with the desired items to create the studio space.

Space Design:

We wanted to create a space which not only has a recording space but can be used as a learning environment.

Recording Zone:

The recording zone was spli tinto three sections.

Build Phase:


A custom lighting set was created. Creating a special feeling is crucial. We want to create a magical space so kids can dream big. Lighting assists with this aspect.


Everything has to be high quality to show these children respect and help them dream big. Even the seats selected are special.


A plant wall was installed to create a special environment in the room.

More coming soon...

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